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June 03 2015

I have a very specific skill set.
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April 29 2015

It's a giant metal penis with arms.
— My dad on Ultron
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April 24 2015

I think it's bullshit that Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans are under fire for a joke about a FICTIONAL character.

I love Black Widow but I make jokes like that about her, too.

April 23 2015

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April 19 2015

What Calgary Expo did to the Honey Badgers is unacceptable. They have lost a potential future customer in me.

My heart goes out to the Honey Badger crew. I was upset to see that video of Alison crying. While I'm not an MRA, I do enjoy their show and I think their commentary is pretty spot-on; I relate to them a lot as well. Before discovering their program, #GamerGate, and various anti-SJW sites in general, I was made to feel insecure by my more politically correct peers because I didn't conform to their worldview. I was made to feel like I was dumb and wrong as a non-white woman. To see and hear these other women who think like me and have had the same experiences reminds me that I'm not alone and that nothing's wrong with me.
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April 04 2015

I hope Joe Benitez isn't an SJW twat. I really love Lady Mechanika.  Actually, even if he was, I just hope he doesn't feel the need to shove any beliefs into the reader's throats.

Seriously though, Lady Mechanika is an example of a really GOOD comic series with a female protagonist.  The current Thor series with the female Thor is just glorified toilet paper.
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March 26 2015

March 23 2015

The call for realism seems to be the fallout from the movies. In the movies, it’s nearly impossible to create costumes that fit as well and look as good as those in the comics. That’s an advantage artists have when putting lines on paper: they can have clothes be perfectly form-fitting and we can see every muscle and sinew, even through cloth. This means that an artist can draw a far prettier picture than could possibly appear on film.

The disadvantage is, of course, that if lines are added to costumes, then an artist needs to draw those lines again and again, whereas in the movies that’s not a big deal. Since movies are incapable of making superhero outfits that fit and look as good as the ones in the comic books, they have to make alterations in order to make up for that. Theirs is a compromise. Our mistake is following their lead as though it is a lead instead of a compromise.

This started out as comics emulating movies, but it’s expanded. And for a large part the argument is that it “makes costumes more realistic.” When Batman is on screen he wears armor, so Batman in the comics has to wear armor now, and then Superman has to and Wonder Woman and it just gets silly. The audience expects this and justifies it, arguing that, “of course Batman would wear armor!”

But the reality is this: armor is ridiculous, not realistic! One of the reasons superheroes wore tights in the first place is because acrobats wore tights, and why did acrobats wear tights? So they could move! Modern actors have admitted that they can hardly move in the Batman suits. In some cases the actors couldn’t even turn their heads: they had to move their entire bodies in order to look from side to side. One famously admitted that anybody could beat the crap out of him in that suit!

Runners wear shorts, wrestlers and boxers wear shorts. When Bruce Lee gets into a fight he takes his shirt off, he doesn’t put a football uniform on. Is Batman designed to take a blow or land one? Is he playing defense or offense? The Batman who existed for decades was prepared to do battle with criminals, but he came ready to fight, not cower. When villains attacked, he landed the first blow and because he was Batman, that was frequently the last blow as well. But that was before he had “realistic” armor to slow him down!

— Erik Larsen http://www.reaxxion.com/6512/erik-larsen-speaks-on-online-outrage-women-in-comics-and-sexist-costume-designs
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March 16 2015

The batman cover drama only proves that people will bitch about anything as long as there's a woman in it
purple mii on Twitter

March 15 2015

For some reason the video posts on this blog don't work right.  Well I mean they work, but when you're on the main blog page the videos don't show at all.
"And what's wrong with the way I dress?!"

#SaveAggressiveCleavage | Kyle McConaughey's Fundraiser on CrowdRise

I know this is #GamerGate related and thus more focused on video games than comic books, but I also feel like many of the issues that #GamerGate focuses on do overlap/parallel with what goes on in the comic book community as well, both in the sense that SJWs have taken over and have forced the same values on both communities but also in the sense that geeks are geeks, and a lot of gamers tend to be comic book and/or anime/manga fans as well.

But of course, it's a good cause and thus I feel like anything like it needs more promotion and circulation.
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March 13 2015

March 12 2015

superbabes gotta be in thongs or cat suits and if'n ya wear a cape and ya come from krypton ya gots ta wear red speedos...it's in the handbook on page 3 dammit!
— Mark Beachum http://synthetikxs.deviantart.com
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